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Gaining Ground is an innovative project that aims to bring a network of people with an interest in social crofting together.

Who are we?

We are the Scottish Crofting Federation, SCF is the only organisation dedicated to campagining for crofters and fighting for the future of crofting.

What is Gaining Ground?

Highland and Moray LEADER had the money and we had the idea for a co-operation project. Beginning March 2019 and running until May 2020. Gaining Ground is about the promotion of social, mental and physical wellbeing through working with the land and animals.

Social crofting, like care farming, brings together concepts of green care and therapeutic activity rooted in land based crofting activity.  In practical terms we hope to enable landholders who wish to offer social care placements and who want to interact with others looking to do the same.  We also want to engage with service commissioners, intermediary organisations, care providers and service users.

We know that the benefits of social crofting are wide ranging: -

Social: inclusivity, opportunities for people with additional support needs, community engagement, reducing crofter/smallholder isolation.

Health: therapeutic interaction with animals and land, wellbeing and physical fitness.

Economic: increased productivity of land, employment opportunities, better value packages for social health and welfare agencies, opportunity for agricultural business diversification.

Although aimed at crofters and smallholders in the Highland and Moray regions, we want to hear from anyone with an interest in social crofting, a term we will use going forward to describe access to health and wellbeing benefits through small scale agricultural enterprises. We particularly want to hear from crofters and smallholders who provide a social crofting service. We would like to hear from folk who just want to know how to get into social crofting; and we really want to hear from people who currently enjoy health and social well-being by actually visiting crofts, smallholdings, projects and community groups working with the land and animals.

Visit our Contact Page to get in touch, tell us your story, send us photographs so we can share the experience, you never know we might come to visit!

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Sarah Wild said:

Would be interested in offering small groups a chance to visit our small flock of Shetland sheep, prehaps learn about wool, have a chance to spin, handle the wool, just on the edge of Dornoch, Sally Wild

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Ailsa said:

Hi Sarah, thanks for joining the GG Network - that sound ideal, please let us know how your plans deveop and if people take you up on your offer. Hope to see you at one of the Gaining Ground events.

Best wishes Gaining Ground Team

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Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground is a co-operation project funded by Highland and Moray LEADER and run by the Scottish Crofting Federation.

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