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Gaining Ground August 2020

Post in Our News by Ailsa Strange
A chance to say Thank You

This is the final post from the Gaining Ground Team to thank all those who have been involved over the past two years.  You have helped us to plan and bring the project to life allowing it to grow.  We made links and most importantly we built relationships, relationships that can be used to move our common interest in social crofting forward.
Our thoughts just now are with the family of our friend and colleague David Heaney who died suddenly last month.  Part of David’s role was to develop a number of Case Studies, a legacy for the project, which are now shared on the website.  They offer a starting point for anyone thinking about exploring social crofting either as a new business model or on a voluntary basis for their own and other’s well-being.  David also wrote the independent evaluation for the project which summarises the achievements and aspirations of Social Crofting in Highland and Moray as it stands now and gives cohesion to work needed for the future.

The highlights of the project were the network meetings and learning journeys held at Glachbeg, Elchies and Inverness and last, but not least, on the now familiar ZOOM platform (see below). The generous sharing of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for discussion and joint working pushed the project forward so much and we are grateful to all involved.

Project funders Highland and Moray LEADER have been supportive every step of the way and we hope we have helped to build links for crofters, smallholders and others across those areas.

Looking to the future, SCF now has social crofting firmly on the agenda for inclusion in all aspects of our work. We hope to find funding to continue supporting the growing network of those taking forward, in different ways, the important and undeniable links between outdoor activity and wellbeing.

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Mathijs Gielen said:

It is shocking to hear that David has passed away. I am thankful that I still have met him in Inverness. He was enthusiastic about his presentation on the Conference in Oxford. Also about the financial opportunities he expected afterwards. Best wishes for his family, friends and relations.

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