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A new Social Crofting project for Highlands and Moray

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We are delighted to announce a new Scottish Crofting Federation Project - Gaining Ground and a brand new website.

Social Crofting in the Highlands and Moray

The Scottish Crofting Federation are pleased to announce that we have been successful in our application to Highland and Moray LEADER to run a co-operation project within Highland and Moray. The project will run until May 2020 and will introduce the concept of “green care” i.e. the promotion of social, mental and physical wellbeing through working of the land and with animals.

LEADER funding will be used to build capacity i.e. crofters and smallholders will develop new skills allowing them to confidently consider the option of green care as part of their overall business model. 

  • The project will be aimed at both crofters and smallholders living in the Highland and Moray regions, some of whom have expressed an interest in developing a formal network and who are looking for support on how to enter this new labour market as a diversification opportunity.
  • The project will achieve this with the appointment of part-time staff to manage and administer it allowing SCF to have a conversation, provide information/signposting and connect with relevant stakeholders both face to face and via our new on-line digital hub. 
  • The project will give us an opportunity to scope crofters and smallholders who currently provide services and look, in detail, at their voluntary or business models. 
  • We will run events to assess current interest, provide opportunities for learning journeys, promote and disseminate information and develop relevant factsheets. 
  • The project will be evaluated with a view to next steps.

The benefits of social crofting and farming are wide ranging: -

Social: inclusivity, opportunities for people with additional support needs, community engagement, reducing crofter/smallholder isolation.

Health: therapeutic interaction with animals and land, wellbeing and physical fitness.

Economic: increased productivity of land, employment opportunities, better value packages for social health and welfare agencies, opportunity for agricultural business diversification.

As part of our project we are overjoyed to announce the launch of our brand new website, designed by local company Doepud, who have produced a lovely, clean design, that perfectly highlights our services - hope you like it!


Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground a co-operation project formaly funded by Highland and Moray LEADER and run by the Scottish Crofting Federation.

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