Creativity in Care photo, Evanton Walk

TOOLKIT - Policies for Inclusivity in a Social Crofting Context

Karrie Marshall looks at policies required to ensure inclusivity when organising social crofting opportunities

Karrie Marshall :Social Entrepreneur; Published Author; Designs Health & Social Care Programmes and Kits

Karrie is a well known speaker / presenter about creative approaches to mental health and positive dementia care. She is a founding director of Creativity In Care community interest company, which delivers community arts and creative practice for people of all ages and abilities including in dementia care, mental health, adult education and families to improve quality of life, wellbeing and joyfulness. Karrie has a background in nursing, care management and lecturing in health and social care.

Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground a co-operation project formaly funded by Highland and Moray LEADER and run by the Scottish Crofting Federation.

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