Darach Croft feeding hens

TOOLKIT - Safeguarding in a Social Crofting Context

Sarah Asher looks at safeguarding groups and individuals when organising social crofting opportunities

Sarah Asher and her partner Hugh have lived at Darach Croft since 2017 they both have backgrounds in providing support to people with mental health issues, substance use and learning disabilities. They are currently establishing Darach Croft as a care farm or ‘Social Croft’ providing social, mental health, and educational care services, as well as croft produce.

Sarah previously managed  a Care Farm in England, teaching farming and gardening, and has kept livestock for many years.
She has qualifications in Social Work and Learning Disability Nursing and is currently a Manager in a UK wide charity.

Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground a co-operation project formaly funded by Highland and Moray LEADER and run by the Scottish Crofting Federation.

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